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Sloths and zombies and… other stuff, oh my

If you haven’t seen any new postings (and you haven’t), it’s because my life is kind of boring right now. Except when it’s not. But mostly, it’s boring. I have writer’s block. And not even normal writer’s block. Like I-can’t-even-write-anything-in-my-journal writer’s block. I. Am. So. Uninteresting. And my journal doesn’t...

by Marian
June 4, 2013
media , musings

A Boston journalist’s take on the marathon bombings

A week ago today, two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two hours before they exploded, I’d been standing at the second bomb site. For the past week, the bombings are all anyone’s been able to talk about. It’s a “where were you when…” situation that’s...

by Marian
April 22, 2013
bucket lists , musings

The Woofers Potato Farm …?

MY BIRTHDAY For my 21st birthday (finally!), I was inspired by this blog post, and am planning 21 Random(ish) Acts of Kindness to be completed during the week of my birthday. I’ll be collecting and donating clothes to benefit veterans, collecting and donating books to Massachusetts jails, volunteering to run...

by Marian
April 11, 2013
fitness & health

Super Sexy Superfoods

Happy National Nutrition Month! I know the month’s almost over and all, but it’s never too late to celebrate. This week, I interviewed for and got a job at Not Your Sugar Mamas, a chocolate company based out of Martha’s Vineyard that advocates positivity and health. All of their products...

by Marian
March 22, 2013
fashion , fitness & health

Workout wear for every price point

I used to wear a freebie T and $4 Soffee shorts to work out, but that’s back when I was playing high school field hockey and a workout meant taking a bath in mud and intentionally running in the way of a rock-hard ball and a stranger wielding a stick...

by Marian
March 15, 2013

Socially Conscious Shopping: Style on the inside

To fulfill the business elective requirement for my business minor, I’m currently taking a social entrepreneurship class, analyzing various socially conscious charitable and hybrid businesses on their business models, their missions, their sustainability. Today, we talked fashion. Who here loves TOMS shoes? I mean nothing’s cooler than buying a hippie-chic...

by Marian
February 21, 2013

NECN: Valentine’s Day fashion

I had the incredible opportunity to serve as a model for a segment on “The Morning Show” featuring various Valentine’s Day date outfits. To the left, a video still (Sadly, no, I didn’t keep the clothes. But I would KILL for the pink outfit Torre wears). Click the photo to...

by Marian
February 8, 2013

Impending Snowpocalypse

With the impending snowpocalypse, there’s lots of time to think. And eat. And… stuff. In California, we keep plastics bins of emergency goods handy—water, protein bars, important documents, photo negatives—in case we ever have to evacuate our homes. In California, emergencies usually mean fires, and there’s not usually a whole...

by Marian
February 7, 2013

Ventfest: The Big, Bad, Biased Media

So I’m a journalist, right? I’m published (and not just on my own blog); I (almost) have a journalism degree; I know the difference between who and whom; and that just because a story involves the Kardashians, it doesn’t necessarily qualify as news. Today in the news studio, a fill-in...

by Marian
January 25, 2013

Life’s a-flurry

I’ve been swept up in a flurry of 3 a.m. wake up calls, $5 breakfast specials, and domesticity. I’ve been back Stateside for less than three weeks and already my life has completely transformed—I marvel at how easily I can just slip back into my old routines. Paris feels a...

by Marian
January 22, 2013

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