Sloths and zombies and… other stuff, oh my

slothy1If you haven’t seen any new postings (and you haven’t), it’s because my life is kind of boring right now. Except when it’s not. But mostly, it’s boring. I have writer’s block.

And not even normal writer’s block. Like I-can’t-even-write-anything-in-my-journal writer’s block. I. Am. So. Uninteresting. And my journal doesn’t even need to be interesting. It’s a journal. Like, sometimes, it’s just a drunken list of “Things I did/thought/ate today.” I can’t even muster that.

So I will try to be more interesting, to tear myself away from the LoL vortex of (occasional) boringness that is AB’s apartment and try and go explore more. Maybe take a road trip, maybe just plan my birthday, maybe do… other things. I’ll make a list? Summer 2013 supplemental bucket list?

On a bright note, I’m in the process of refinishing my dresser that I bought in 2011 and have yet to revamp. Go me. Also, I read a book about zombies. So there’s that…

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