Playing Catch-Up, Moving Forward

Le Mont Saint-Michel

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a long while, and that I’ve more or less fallen off the face of the social media world. Others certainly have. I pride myself on having honest friends, the kind that aren’t afraid to call me out on being a bad friend and falling of the radar.

It’s been an interesting first month… Highlights include a day visit to Le Mont Saint-Michel, where I caught the last bit of a Mass with the famous monks singing; a drunken and idiotic four mile run at 4 a.m., complete with losing my apartment keys, my dignity, and a couple layers of skin; a jerky stick-shift road trip to Oktoberfest which was 1 part awesome and 2 parts retarded (my fellow traveler drunkenly abandoned his jacket with the rental car keys); a very graphic and comical trip to the Museum of Eroticism—so much vintage porn. Along the way, there have been a lot of Gossip Girl reruns, Disney movies, and duck. I freaking love duck.


I also have plans to visit Bruges, have dinner at Jim Haynes’ house, train to Dijon (yay, mustard museum!), go to Prague for the fall break, and many additional day activities in Paris, herself (more info to come).

It’s been a wild and amazing time. But when I’m not out jetting off on adventures, I spend a lot of time in my underwear watching movies and drinking hot cocoa and sleeping. This semester, I’m not taking any journalism courses, nor am I working on AUP’s student media. It’s meant as a break (of sorts) from journalism, while I figure out if journalism’s something I still want to pursue. Everyone has their doubts, no?

Anyway, during my downtime, blogging isn’t exactly at the forefront of my mind. Nor is calling people. I’m a hermit. So… much overdue apologies to those of you whom I’ve failed to keep informed. Moving forward, I will be much better—Promise!

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