Impending Snowpocalypse

imagesWith the impending snowpocalypse, there’s lots of time to think. And eat. And… stuff. In California, we keep plastics bins of emergency goods handy—water, protein bars, important documents, photo negatives—in case we ever have to evacuate our homes.

In California, emergencies usually mean fires, and there’s not usually a whole lot of time to prepare. But here in New England, emergencies are weather-related. Meteorologists are able to warn people days ahead of time, and people rush to their local corner stores to stock up on candles and calories and, if you’re in college, tons and tons of booze (Side note: Apparently, they make elderflower cider? Bomb).

While the sky takes a massive white dump on southern New England, I’ll be holed up at home (well… AB’s apartment, which is more or less home), reading and pretending to do homework, and only braving the apocalypse to get breakfast tomorrow morning.

I totally missed out on snow days, growing up in California, but that’s not to say I can’t make up all the fun now. Expect posts. Unless I’m hibernating. Also a very viable and tempting option.

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