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The Mary Poppins Essentials

You know what I was thinking about last night? Mary Poppins (because I’m weird like that). I was thinking about her magical purse—side note: Hermione totally stole her purse from Poppins. Just saying—and how awesome it would be to fit everything in there. Since I moved further away from campus,...

by Marian
October 29, 2013

Statistics about the post-grad job search

I’m no expert, but in my—sometimes frantic, sometimes incredibly organized—job search, I’ve learned a lot. Rumor has it that the graduating classes of 2013 and 2014 (to be honest, I’m not sure which I am) are entering the most promising job market since the economy went haywire. Which is great,...

by Marian
October 25, 2013
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Sneak Peek: Long Island (photos)

So, my day was interesting. If feeling like you’re in a living horror film is “interesting.” Which it is… it’s also creepy/ terrifying/ exhilarating/ awesome/ amazeballs. Today, I went on a field trip to Long Island, Massachusetts. Never heard of it? Yeah, neither had I until I randomly searched “homeless...

by Marian
October 18, 2013
media , travel

Slideshow: Reflections on Paris, one year later

This one’s another mom-inspired post (What can I say—she knows me so well?). But it also seemed like a good prompt/opportunity to reflect. One year ago, I was living in Paris, traveling every opportunity I could. Ever since I read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and learned about Santorini, I was a...

by Marian
October 18, 2013

Some thoughts on time…

The time is running away. It’s already midway through the semester, and—ladies and gents—I’m struggling. I just put together this “by the numbers” piece on Daylight Saving Time’s “fall back” for the Globe (no easy feat when the government kindly decides to go on hiatus), and it’s got me dwelling...

by Marian
October 17, 2013

Single Female Seeks Inspiration

I recently splurged and bought this amazing new bracelet from Alex and Ani. Though their bangles are simple, they’re backed by inspiring sentiments and explanations (and one can thus find the perfect one for any given occasion). Plus, they’re so darn pretty. Though simple, I kept coming back to one that...

by Marian
October 8, 2013

One Story About the Pursuit of Inspiration or What I’m Reading: A Book About Me If I Were 30-Something

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post a week, but when I open up my computer, I feel immediately exhausted by everything else I should be doing. That whole I’m-at-the-precipice-of-this-incredible-new-life feeling is a little overshadowed by the whole Getting-a-job-and-life-and-apartment-is-like-really-freaking-hard feeling. It doesn’t hurt that I’m also feeling pressure from...

by Marian
September 24, 2013
fitness & health , musings , relationships

Life on the Edge

So I’m at this really important turning point in my life, right?—Just moved into this amazing, new apartment, boyfriend moves to the big city to start up his life and blaze a trail for me to follow, and I’ve got a measly four months left of college before I’m dumped...

by Marian
September 2, 2013
bucket lists , musings

#21for21st: How I celebrated my 21st birthday!

(NOTE: I’m posting this prematurely, but it’s been quite time consuming. I will finish all 21 acts and add links and updates periodically—It’s an ongoing project!!) I’m finally 21! After legally being able to purchase booze in Europe, it was a little frustrating to return to the good ole’ US...

by Marian
July 15, 2013

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