Some thoughts on time…

No, this is not me. Yes, I was one of those people that sported several watches. Come to think of it, maybe *that’s* what scared Eric G. away.

The time is running away. It’s already midway through the semester, and—ladies and gents—I’m struggling.

I just put together this “by the numbers” piece on Daylight Saving Time’s “fall back” for the Globe (no easy feat when the government kindly decides to go on hiatus), and it’s got me dwelling on time. That and what I’ve now come to not-so-endearingly call “The (Dreaded) Precipice.”

Things are not all terrible. I’ve made the mistake of letting this blog turn into a sort of ventfest, a slightly more mature and grammatically correct version of my 8th grade blog (which is forever entrenched somewhere in the deep, dark confines of the Internet, encapsulating my undying love for Eric Gulczynski… “i love him. so what if im 12, why doesnt anyone take me seriouslyyyy?? were like soul mates.” Sorry, dude).

I digress. But it’s just that the good things are primarily job-related (probably because I’m so single-mindedly focused on jobsjobsjobs). But because they’re job-related, I can’t write about them here, for fear they don’t work out, or other companies see them. Or for fear that I scare away companies with my enthusiasm-bordering-on-obsession, like I did poor Eric G.

In vague terms, however, I had an “informational interview” with a great company, and things are moving along. There are some other amazing prospects as well, and each would make me incredibly happy. Everything has its pros and cons, but that’s to be expected, right? It just feels great to see things going someplace.

I do, however, feel something of envy for my peers that graduated and then started applying for jobs. With all the buses down to NYC, interviews, modifying my resume/cover letter/whatever, I’m letting my study habits and commitment to Kappa fall by the wayside (read: disappear). And I wish I had more time to figure it all out, formulate To-Do lists, maybe clean my bedroom or do some yoga every once in a decade.

At the very least, I’ll be grateful for that extra hour Nov. 3. Every little bit helps, yes?

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