Today’s Obsession: yarntwisted

I did finally manage to get my hair cut last week and will upload pictures as soon as my phone decides to come out of its coma. To accessorize my new “glorified mom cut” (as I’ve deemed it), I’ve been browsing etsy looking at headbands and clips and new fun stuff that I can’t afford. Meh.

But, all depressing bank statement references aside, I still enjoy it. A while ago, my friend and sister Dani came into town and was donning a knitted earwarmer/headband thing. Annndd it was pretty snazzy; I ended up stealing it for the entirety of her visit. So when I found a similar one on etsy, I got a lil excited. The etsy designer (yarntwisted) makes the designs from scratch and this one has a huge spiral flower, rather than the typically floppy ones.

It comes in whatever color requested (I tried to specify a favorite and can’t. I want to wear the rainbow) and a portion of the proceeds–though she doesn’t specify how much–go to charity. She has a bunch of other knitted goodies, too. I’m really liking the cowl scarf thingamabobs. But the earwarmer takes the cake. It’s warm for the frigid winds that have been taking Manhattan by storm, but has the flower for a sweet little taste of spring. Obsessed.

Crochet Spiral Flower Headband / Earwarmer, $25

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