In Honor of My Dad’s 50th Birthday: A (Likely Incomplete) List of Reasons Why I Love Him

Happy Birthday, Bapi <3 And thanks for the memories. Now the list… In no particular order, I love you because….

  1. You always tease me and tickle me. I think you’re the only person in the world who can get away with that with minimal injuries.
  2. Your midnight chili omelets.
  3. Sitting on our outside couches (like we are now).
  4. Listening to you explain your current clients’ situations, just talking “business.”
  5. You keep my letters.
  6. You love people in your life more than I can ever comprehend.
  7. You support me and my choices (well, most..) 100%.
  8. We can talk about pretty much anything.
  9. You say my eggs are the best πŸ™‚
  10. You humbly admit that my latte foam is the best (because it is!).
  11. You carry that picture of me around.. you know, the one in the flower frame?
  12. We share knowing glances during conversations.
  13. I’m one of the only people who can make you cry.
  14. You crack my back.
  15. I can laugh with you about silly things and depressing things and you never look happier than when you’re laughing.
  16. You say ridiculous things, like today’s “We can’t all be bowls of cherries..” πŸ™‚
  17. You’re not afraid to get a pedicure.
  18. You are confident in yourself and your skills, without being cocky.
  19. You are skilled with leftovers.
  20. Hugging you when you get back from a business trip is the best hug in the world. You always drop your bag and, for that moment, I am the center of your world.
  21. I’m your princess.
  22. You make fun of my inadequate non-existent technological skills.
  23. Your smoothies.
  24. Butterfly/eskimo kisses.
  25. You put up with me πŸ™‚

That doesn’t possibly come close to being a comprehensive list. But I love you. Always and forever. Just like we said.

Happy Birthday! And here’s to a wonderful 50 years. May the next 50 be full of travel and adventure and mornings on the couch πŸ™‚

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