My Hot List: A Random List of Things I Have, Love or Want (But Can’t Afford on My Non-Existent Salary)


Michael Kors Two-Tone Chronograph Watch, $225

Marc Jacobs Day to Night XL Single, $795

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf–Kappa Kappa Gamma, $118

Forever 21 Key Chain Necklace, $6

Keep Calm and Carry On Resin Bracelet (etsy), $20


Dr. Martens IB60, $150

Ariat Women's Heritage Western Boots, $140 (I love cowboy boots)

Peacock Hand Painted High Heels (etsy), $365


Forever 21 Chain and Ruffle Tunic, $26

Forever 21 Petal Chiffon Top, $20

Forever 21 All-a-Flutter Silk Chiffon Top, $28

Forever 21 Satin Button Tab Slv Shirt, $16

Forever 21 Military Woven Shirt, $19


Forever 21 Belted Trouser Shorts, $20-22

Forever 21 Fab Skinny Jeans, $10


Vintage Blue Wool and Mink Winter Coat (on, $40


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips (in lace!), $9

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume 3.4 oz (my fave), $75

Burberry Bit Sheer 3.3 oz (Spring/Summer/day fragrance), $80

O.P.I. Nail Polish in Sweet Heart (the perfect color), $8

Toys and Goodies 🙂

Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann, $16

1971 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, $5000+

CarLashes and Crystal Eyeliner (HA!), $46 Cherry Jewelry Box with Lock & Key, $110

Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda–Don't Be Koi (my lifesaver and the prettist planner ever. It comes with stickers!), $25

The Key Source Mug–I'm so Happy (it says, "I'm so happy that I ama/Kappa Kappa Gamma"), $8

“It feels like home to meeeee…”

So there’s this boy… man? boy? I suppose he’s a 70-something manboy. Yup, that sounds pretty accurate.

I’ve briefly mentioned this old fart before. But his name is James Francis Bunker. And my relationship to him is that he’s my dad’s college roommate’s old boss. Sounds kinda like that Spaceballs scene doesn’t it…

Anyway, our mutual connection introduced us because Jim went to Northeastern and still plays an active role on campus. Turns out, he put in a good word for me.

And now? After a wonderful first lunch in February, we see each other whenever we happen to be within driving range of each other. And for the rest of the time, we email and talk and keep each other updated about the latest happenings in our lives (actually.. maybe it’s more about whats happening in MY life. Oops).

He’s a kook and takes every opportunity to make fun of me. But, at the same time, I’m not afraid to dish it back out. And in our teasing and mockery, we are able to communicate in our own language. To the outside world, we probably look like the silliest pair ever. But I don’t know… I just like this crazy old man. He’s lived quite a bit more than I have, but is happy to share his experiences and his wisdom and the best cafes in Paris.

This summer, I was SO blessed to meet his firecracker of a wife. Not only was she wise enough to con him into going to college when she was 14, but she’s put up with him ever since then. And knowing him, that deserves a ton of respect.

And through him (or those he knows), I’ve been able to meet some other people, too.

I called him this morning and suddenly came to the realization (albeit, belated) that this poor sucker is family. He, combined with the other Bostonians that I love, is the family that I’ve built for myself in my beloved city. No wonder it feels like home to me… I’ve got a crazy “uncle” and his wonderful wife, 80 sisters and countless treasured friends to keep me company.

Vanessa Carlton, in her song “Who’s to Say,” concludes that “sometimes family are the ones you choose.” Now, I’ve got one of the most incredible, dysfunctional-but-it-works-for-us families in the world. But it’s nice to know that I can build one for myself, too, compiled of people that I love and choose to love and who happen to love my city as much as I do. <3

Thought to Ponder: Compatibility or Craziness?

I was sitting with my girlfriend the other day talking about relationships. We both find ourselves in healthy, simple relationships right now… None of the crazy lusty heartbreakinghappiness of infatuated relationships.

Let me preface by saying that I’m probably not the most trustworthy opinion on the relationship front; I have a habit of completely fucking things up. But I have had that crazy lusty love, the kind that gives you a stomach ache and makes you want to vomit all over the poor guy’s shoes. It immobilizing, yet possibly the most invigorating, alive feeling I’ve ever experienced. It’s an adrenaline all its own and it’s the scariest thing in the world.

If that works out for people, goodness take the opportunity. But I only ever seem to make those situations into complete messes. Which kind of got me thinking about the guy I’m dating now. We butt heads and compete relentlessly, we manage to get along with each other’s friends, we butt heads. We also butt heads. But for some reason, being with him is comfortable…Putting effort into debates and laughing about unimportant things is fun and I find that by not going head-over-heels, I am able to keep my grounding and I’m slightly guarded against the devastating, heating-up-and-falling-fast feeling of being broken by someone I was infatuated with.

I don’t mean to sound removed or heartless, but maybe it’s better to be with someone who is compatible than to be with someone who drives you crazy (in every sense of the word).

I mean, maybe that’s why second marriages are often so much more successful; both parties go in with a knowledge of each other and of the others flaws and strengths. It’s more about making a compatible, healthy life together than it is about following our lusty wiles. Maybe it’s called “young love” for a reason… because it’s a love wrought with naivety and immature notions of compatibility.

But when it comes down to compatibility or craziness, does choosing the former mean I’ve lost my sense of romanticism? Or am I leaving childish notions behind and embracing a life of a lot less heartbreak? Wouldn’t that be nice…

Random Quote from: Ally McBeal

Alright, I know I’m about 15 years behind on the whole Ally McBeal thing, but I must say… she’s amazing. And I’m addicted.

Ally is a complete freak! She’s funny and awkward and neurotic and psychoanalyzes every minute Freudian slip. She gets caught up in the moment and she changes her mind on a dime.

“She” is me.

Anyway, there’s this one character, John Cage–nickname Biscuit–who is a senior partner at Ally’s firm and has some interesting tactics. He’s a character, to put it nicely 🙂 But he’s also a genius. Anyway, I really liked one of his quotes. I’m a sucker for romance and it was just… hopeful, I guess.

“The world is no longer a romantic place.

But some of its people still are, however.

And therein lies the promise…

Don’t let the world win.”

Poetry: “Shades of You”

For some reason, I was writing last night and the phrase “shades of you” came to mind. I liked it, so I ran with it. Twice.

Shades of You (v.1)

Shades of you,

Lackluster faux-mances without the inside jokes and comfortable silences.

Poor perfects don’t stand a chance against your unkempt mess of a personality.

The way you try to use your psych talk to analyze me.

You kept quiet but I had to brain barf all over Tyler’s shoes.


I can hide 3,000 miles away,

But my 2am insomnia misses you.

Me too.

Shades of You (v.2)

You loved me,


I caught on a little late.

I told you you were smarter than I.

As usual, time wasn’t on my side.

Impromptu drivebys turned to awkward mornings.

Life’s not a romantic comedy…

No climactic music and kissing scenes.


I used to think that putting “us” off,

Meant that I was in control.

I’m such a control freak.


I’m trying for “hopeful” romantic,

Even if it’s a challenge

(It is).

He’s great, you know.

He gives me a headache.

And his hair…

And he kisses my head like I know you would.

If you would.


(Gosh, I hate that word)

But shades of you,

Will never shine quite as bright.

For what it’s worth,

I still love you.

In Honor of My Dad’s 50th Birthday: A (Likely Incomplete) List of Reasons Why I Love Him

Happy Birthday, Bapi <3 And thanks for the memories. Now the list… In no particular order, I love you because….

  1. You always tease me and tickle me. I think you’re the only person in the world who can get away with that with minimal injuries.
  2. Your midnight chili omelets.
  3. Sitting on our outside couches (like we are now).
  4. Listening to you explain your current clients’ situations, just talking “business.”
  5. You keep my letters.
  6. You love people in your life more than I can ever comprehend.
  7. You support me and my choices (well, most..) 100%.
  8. We can talk about pretty much anything.
  9. You say my eggs are the best 🙂
  10. You humbly admit that my latte foam is the best (because it is!).
  11. You carry that picture of me around.. you know, the one in the flower frame?
  12. We share knowing glances during conversations.
  13. I’m one of the only people who can make you cry.
  14. You crack my back.
  15. I can laugh with you about silly things and depressing things and you never look happier than when you’re laughing.
  16. You say ridiculous things, like today’s “We can’t all be bowls of cherries..” 🙂
  17. You’re not afraid to get a pedicure.
  18. You are confident in yourself and your skills, without being cocky.
  19. You are skilled with leftovers.
  20. Hugging you when you get back from a business trip is the best hug in the world. You always drop your bag and, for that moment, I am the center of your world.
  21. I’m your princess.
  22. You make fun of my inadequate non-existent technological skills.
  23. Your smoothies.
  24. Butterfly/eskimo kisses.
  25. You put up with me 🙂

That doesn’t possibly come close to being a comprehensive list. But I love you. Always and forever. Just like we said.

Happy Birthday! And here’s to a wonderful 50 years. May the next 50 be full of travel and adventure and mornings on the couch 🙂

Random Thought To Ponder: Amortentia

So… in Harry Potter, there’s this super powerful love potion (Amortentia) that smells different to every person depending on what they like.

It’s similar to Sebold’s description of heaven in The Lovely Bones.

Anyway, ever think about what your potion/heaven would smell like?

Mine would be… jasmine flowers and Love Spell perfume and conditioner and Old Spice and salt air and sunscreen and green tea and the waxy lipstick smell. All that mixed with books. And by books I mean the fresh crack, ink-and-paper, new book smell, as well as the musky, moldy, has-a-life-story smell of old books. Both are so intoxicating-ly delicious.

Like I said… random thought.