Today’s Obsession: Tory Burch

I’m on a shoe kick. But I’m not apologizing. One should never apologize for shoes.

The other day, I was walking through East Midtown with my beloved mentor and his amazing wife. Anyway, the wife and I got talking about shopping and clothes and she pointed out a pair of Tory Burch flats a girl was wearing that looked utterly terrible. They were too big and the elastic on the back made them look really uncomfortable. Definitely not a 10.

I didn’t hop on the Tory Burch bandwagon like everyone else did. My $12 K-Mart flats seemed to hold up pretty well, with the exception of losing a couple gems. So I couldn’t justify spending triple digits on shoes.

But alas, this Perfect 10 kick is changing my perspective. I’ll admit that I do think TB flats are attractive. And this patent pair is lined in the elastic. They call it “sporty;” I call it chic. The matte against the patent is great. And to top it off, the metal logo is partly black, which I like a TON more. It hints that it’s Tory Burch without outright screaming it to the world. Obsessed.

Tory Burch patent caroline ballet flat, $225

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