In Another Life… My List of ShouldaWouldaCouldas

I’ve mentioned before how I have what my parents have deemed “Salad Dressing Syndrome.” Basically, I have difficulty making decisions, including which salad dressing I want. So, instead, I pour them all on for a little taste of everything.

Unfortunately, with the big decisions like where do I want to go to college, I haven’t yet found a way to overcome the whole space-time continuum. So I am forced to make decisions.

When I finally decided on Northeastern–a school that I am immensely happy at–I cried. Rather than feeling thrilled at the idea that I was starting off on some new, wild adventure, I felt robbed of all the potential lives I could have lived had I gone down some other path.

With every decision I make, every fork in the road, I have to choose one path. And as I move down the road, I make more decisions. There’s only one ultimate route I can take through my mess of a exponentially growing tree of potential. And that makes me sad.

Let it be noted, however, that I do happen to luurrvv my current place. I just wish I could live several lives at once šŸ™‚

So here is a (likely incomplete) compilation of all the things I shouldawouldacoulda done had I picked some different paths:

  • Continued dance
  • Learned the piano
  • Learned French before puberty so I could be fluent in it
  • Gone to school at the University of Kent
  • Taken photography in high school
  • Not taken so many APs in high school (and had a bit more fun!)
  • Had a long term boyfriend
  • Taken a year off from school
  • Volunteered abroad
  • Been religious
  • Stayed vegetarian
  • Gone to yoga on a regular basis
  • Kept a diligent journal
  • Taken more photographs
  • Not hit my eye in Supercuts haha
  • Biked with my mom
  • Learned to cook
  • Taken an etiquette class
  • Gotten my drivers license at 16 like a normal person
  • Learned to surf
  • Ridden horses
  • Learned more about cars
  • Continued painting

In a way this list is kind of depressing because it represents all my shouldawouldacouldas, but it’s also inspiring because it’s a reminder that I have to do things when I have the opportunity. Many of these things I haven’t missed the window for. Be sure to look out for them on future Bucket Lists!

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