The Secret Side to Me

The other day, I was drinking pickle juice from the jar, and came to the realization that if someone were to see me doing it, they would think I was insane. It also got me thinking about the many aspects of my life and personality that many people might not know. So now for no apparent reason and just because I wanted to, I compiled a list of 20 various little known facts about Marian Daniells:

  1. I drink pickle juice.
  2. I don’t know what color my eyes are.
  3. I once hit an F above high C.
  4. I occasionally pee with the door open.
  5. I’m not allowed to give blood.
  6. I love the word “gritty.”
  7. I think roses are cliche (except yellow), but love lillies and irises.
  8. I can hear two songs in my head at the same time.
  9. I frequently whistle “Moonlight Bay” but don’t know the words.
  10. I send and receive handwritten letters.
  11. I like the left side of my face better.
  12. I’ve never kissed a girl.
  13. I once considered joining the marines.
  14. I’ve been known to turn in essays riddled with sass. Examples include “Kant the cunt” and a physics paper on applying makeup, complete with diagrams and a glossary.
  15. I’ve started half a dozen books, but never finished one.
  16. I don’t throw myself birthday parties because my friends are so diverse, I’m worries what would happen if they were all in the same room.
  17. I prefer hanging out in small groups of even numbers.
  18. Once upon a time, I ran a 6:20 mile.
  19. I was a mathlete.
  20. I once won a pie eating contest in my bikini.

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Hi, I'm Marian.
By day, I'm a PR maven with a nerdy affinity for research and branding. By night, I'm an explorer; I delve into books, food, design, and the murky waters of my own psyche, then share my musings here.





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