TED Talk Tuesday: Less Stuff

Today, I felt inspired. Which is kind of funny—really—because today, I woke up, ate breakfast, watched copious amounts of Netflix while it snowed outside, and then sat on a bus for seven laborious hours. Nothing particularly mind-blowing about all that. Except I’m lying.

Instead if just watching Netflix, I happened upon some incredible TED talks about how to improve your life, career, wellbeing, memory—even shoe-tying skills. Then, while wasting away on the bus (my last trip to Boston in a long while—eek!) I read the majority of Francine Jay’s Miss Minimalist. The short book reads like a collection of blog posts (edit: methinks it is a collection of blog posts) on the minimalist lifestyle and its many applications. I’ll get to that later…

Something about being bombarded by all this inspiration, all these awesome new ideas and applications of my Perfect 10 philosophy, was overwhelming. In a good way. When I move to Manhattan in the next two weeks (double eek!), I’m moving into a furnished room. So I’ll be bringing only my clothes, shoes, and the absolute necessities (like my teddy bear, so shoot me). It got me thinking… I’ll be paying to store all this other stuff in the meantime. Do I really need it?

And so on that note, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite TED talks, one not included in the Netflix collection, but nonetheless life-changing: short, sweet, and to the point. And oh, so appropriate for little Miss Lives-out-of-a-suitcase over here (Hi, that’s me).

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