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Exclusive Q&A: Sarah Bower’s Sins of the House of Borgia
Marie Claire Editors’ Daily Dish Blog
March 8, 2011
By Marian Daniells

The Borgias were one of Renaissance Italy’s most famously corrupt families, a sultry mix between the Tudors and the Sopranos. The family history, littered with outlandish tales of murder and debauchery, has an addictive quality to it, and Showtime is set to premier The Borgias, a new series on the crime family, April 3. Against a backdrop of scandal and lust, British author Sarah Bower paints the story of Violante, a converted Jew who joins the court of Duchess Lucrezia Borgia, in her new book Sins of the House of Borgia (Sourcebooks Landmark, March 8).

We spoke with Bower about her longtime fascination with the notorious crime family, the Showtime premiere, and her own Borgia family crush.

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