“Breakover” magic

I dyed my hair yesterday. The act always makes me feel powerful and sexy. It’s not as though I dyed it anything crazy (well… it’s still auburn-ish red, but dyeing it the same color its been for 2 months is hardly crazy), but I can’t help but get a little high from the change. Maybe the high is from the fumes from the dye. I had to open the window of my tiny 8’x12’ room to ventilate, but I attribute it to a different kind of feeling.

In the most recent issue of Marie Claire, one hair stylist consulted talked about how he often makes over women’s hair post-breakup. After the emotional sabotage of a heart-wrenching breakup, sometimes its empowering to hide, to curl up inside someone else’s look and put on a front. When Carrie Bradshaw got dumped by Big (again), she dyed her golden ratty waves a dark brown. She described it as her head being in the witness protection program.

The stylist in Marie Claire called it something else. He dubbed the post-breakup makeover a “breakover.” And I think the term is just perfect.

I didn’t just go throw a breakup. And I’m not exactly wrought with emotional despair, but I still love the invigorating freedom high I get from doing something drastic. Spontaneously cutting my own bangs, dying my hair red (or blonde or purple—I’ve done both), painting my nails some garish color, wearing bright lipstick, wearing super sexy lingerie just because feeling sexy is—well—sexy, getting a tattoo (just kidding, Mom)… I love the high.

Maybe we could all use a little “breakover” magic. When the weather gets all down and grey, a little color—literally or figuratively—can go a long way. Taste the rainbow, friends.

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