Here’s What You Missed

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (I’m sure New York would be flattered to be considered its own galaxy)… I actually updated this blog. Unfortunately, I did it while I was working, which is about the most unprofessional thing ever. So I stopped.

Unfortunately, I had no Internet at the time, so I didn’t write at home either. So my little Brain Barf went without for a while.

Hello, friends. I’m back and in full force. Here’s what you missed:

  • I finished my internship at Marie Claire. It was a bittersweet ending; I’m sad to see such an incredible chapter of my life come to a close, but also happy to move onto bigger and better things.
  • I crafted a Summer (supplemental) Bucket List (more to come).
  • Some sorry loser thought it’d be a good idea to let me rent a UHAUL van and schlep all my shit to Boston. Tiny girl, big van, bigger problems. It also doesn’t help that I’ve had my license for a very short time and never drive, let alone drive a massive full size van with a cargo space larger than my New York apartment… but I digress.
  • Made it to Boston with minimal damage, outfitted my room with some beautiful wood furniture (hopefully STD-free) purchased from a friend, and made my way down to my old digs and picked up right where I left off–which would be the blue couch at 48A, for those who know the scene.
  • Interviewed for, was offered and accepted a position in retail at Ann Taylor LOFT. I start this Saturday!
  • Went to Nahant beach about 30 minutes away to update my Bahamian tan.
  • Started reading, and subsequently put down a book. Currently searching for the next one.

Things are amazing! And life is picking up the pace very quickly. Birthday’s on Monday!

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