Today’s Obsession: TSM Headbands

I’m wearing my pearls today. I didn’t use to like pearls because I thought I was being cheated out of a real birthstone. But I’ve since gained a wealth of knowledge and changed my mind. When I was about 12, my grandmother gave me a set of antique fake pearls. I still have them and I think they are incredibly pretty.

But for graduation, she gave me a real strand and I love them. Very “TSM,” but they take an outfit from blah to Ah-ha. Mine are especially unique… from far away, they look like a standard strand, but up close, they’re actually all oval shaped. I like that it’s a modern take on a classic accessory. Plus, I’m not perfect so why should my pearls be.

Anyway, while browsing etsy looking for headbands to go with my soon-to-come new hairstyle, I found this lovely little number. Paired with pearls, it’s the perfect piece of polish. Southern belle chic and just a bit over the top… plus it’s fuzzy and I kind of have a compulsion to pet soft things (don’t be hatin’). Obsessed.

Black Velvet Classic Headband on, $22

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