Frazzled Miss Frizzle

Today was insane. I started off the day running and it legitimately feels as though my list hasn’t gotten one iota shorter. It got to the point where I got so stressed-out-to-the-brink-of-a-meltdown that I stopped, organized my thoughts, and cleaned–not one, but–two desks. I cleaned my desk, and then I cleaned the desk I’m currently sitting at because I’m covering for my boss. I cleaned, re-stacked piles, threw away trash and actually Clorox’d the darn things. They’re spotless. And I’m still frazzled.

On top of doing two people’s jobs today, I also have to somehow figure out the rest of my life. Which I’ve already spent 18 years try to map out, so I don’t see how I’m supposed to figure it out in the course of days. I have Blue Rug Syndrome topped with Salad Dressing Syndrome topped with a nice tasty schizophrenia cherry. I’m like a frazzled Miss Frizzle ala Magic School Bus… all a blur except for my crazy red hair.

As a random-but-relevant side note, why do people bother to have cell phones if they’re never around to answer calls or respond to texts (Ahem. Dad. Ahem). Um hellloooo!! Having a mental breakdown over here!!

I need a hug.

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