Today’s Obsession: Faux Fur

Not that I can tell since I’m cooped up in my cubicle, but it’s supposedly 75 degrees outside. I’m not wearing pants. Or tights. Scandalous, I know. And while it dips down to some lower temperatures this week, it looks like the snow/hail/“wintry-mix” is gone and spring has sprung.

And while I’m all about being forward-thinking, I figured this long winter deserved one last stand. So today’s obsession is this faux fur pull-through scarf from some random infomercial (NOTE: the one pictured below is the wrong color). I got talking about fur with my grandmother this weekend and it got me thinking. This scarf has all the color to draw way too much attention, but is politically correct, too. Since I’ll be living a mile from campus and walking to class, this baby will surely keep me warm next winter.

As an extra bonus, I think this applies to the past link about wearing classic clothes. From loin cloths to PETA demonstrations, fur has never gone out of style. The only difference is that it’s cheap! Obsessed.

Luxe Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Pull-through Scarf in Red Fox (not pictured), $29

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