Today’s Obsession: Boston Gear

I recently discovered the key to not getting creeped on while walking to work. In a sea of Yankees and Mets fans, wearing a Red Sox has quite the silencing effect. And while it isn’t necessarily recommended, it did prove a successful maneuver. I just had to be sure that I didn’t get jumped. And having that kind of heightened awareness is exhausting, to say the least.

I’m not a huge Sox fan. I’d say I’m more a Boston fan. I support and love the city, but I’m just kind of indifferent about its sports. Except for hockey. It’s on my Bucket List to see a Bruins game this year and I want want want to go 🙂 I love hockey. It’s in my blood, it’s in my past.

So today’s obsession is this beanie. While the Bruins could have picked a sexier set of team colors, I’m still happy to rep the black and yellow (*cue song*). It’s cute, warm, and serves as a handy creeper repellent. Who needs pepper spray when you’ve got Bruins gear? Obsessed.

Reebok Boston Bruins Women’s Cuffed Knit Hat with Pom, $15

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