New Thoughts on “To Read or to E-Read”

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post on e-readers, evaluating whether or not I thought they were worth the investment. In the original post, I applauded the stylish covers and the sleek appeal of the readers, but didn’t really understand the appeal. It’s hard to deny my love for the feel and smell of new and old books. Whether they smell like fresh ink or delicious mold, the experience of reading a physical book, of flipping the page and moving a bookmark each night–it’s intoxicating.

However, since writing that post, I’ve also moved a whopping three times. In one year. And in the next couple of months, I’m moving several more times.

And however obvious this may be to regular folk, I’ve come to the realization that books are freaking heavy.

I probably have two or three boxes worth of books in my current apartment. And before I left for school, I packed up another eight or nine meticulously labeled boxes… chick lit, classics, antiques, and personal favorites. I’m a book nerd, I know. For years, I’ve imagined a dream apartment with hardwood floors, brightly painted walls, lofted ceilings,  a spiral staircase and floor-to-ceiling books. And a dog (obviously).

I love books, but–what with moving around the world and such–I’m in a purge mode right now, and am not all that keen on lugging and storing countless boxes of crap.

So, in the spirit of minimalism, I’m thinking about it… and in true Marian form, I’m reevaluating the pros and cons. Hypothetically speaking… If I were looking for an e-reader, it would be simple. No need for colorful gadgets, no need for games or tablet-like features. I have an iPhone, already. Let’s get serious.

Ideally, it would be small, portable, last forever with one battery charge, have a super adorable case, and frequently emit that new book scent from some hidden sensory disbursement thingamajigger.

Obviously, it doesn’t exist.

But I admit in scouring the Internet for various e-readers, I did get excited about the Kindle products. I’m an Amazon Prime member, and Prime members have access to several thousand e-books for free. Plus, I find that the Kindle versions of books are a lot cheaper than their Barnes and Noble nook counterparts.

The Kindle Touch 3G is still extremely portable, thin, simple, easy to read… basically everything I was looking for except the book scent thingamajigger (One can dream). Even if I can’t smell books, at least I can find an excuse to buy something else Kate Spade. Like this adorable polka dot Kindle case.

So to read or to e-read… If that truly is the question, than I must admit that my sentiments have changed. While I want to drown my future apartment in books, I’m not quite ready to drown in them myself. Better to arm myself with a sleek, thin e-reader. Birthday present, perhaps? A girl can hope.


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