Today’s Obsession: Sweet Dreams

Back in the day, Bo and I used to wear sleep masks from Claire’s. They were so novel until the completely smashed your eyelashes and you woke up looking like you’d fallen asleep on the kitchen floor.

But anything from Claire’s can’t be a ten. I’ve been browsing the Inter-web looking at different sleep masks and they’re all so utterly adorable. I love this navy one that says “Night Owl” (hello… Kappa reference?) and the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s remake. But I have to say that this Mary Green mask is my favorite.

With all that lace, it’s sexy, but oh so sweet as well, with the references to Paris and whatnot. I was at a party this weekend with a bunch of French guys and it made me so excited to travel to Paris next fall. I really do dream about it, and with this eye mask, the whole world will know. Total ten; obsessed.

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