Today’s Obsession: Yoga

Speaking of love… So there’s this girl. And she is the epitome of klass (with a K). She’s confident and beautiful and an incredible writer. She’s also a journalist and has a recent obsession with photography. She loves traveling and is a romantic like yours truly. She’s also my sister; it’s a match made in Kappatastic heaven.

Laura is one of those people that I could lose touch with for years, run into her on the street and spend three hours talking. She inspires me and I look up to her so much. She just has this resiliency about her, this inner strength and you can tell she totally kicks ass. Anyway, a recent obsession of hers is yoga and she’s been blogging about it. Apparently some people have the discipline to keep their blogs on a single focus (I fail).

Her blog is great though. It makes me want to do yoga again, I always loved how yoga offers an opportunity to stop and smell the roses. Or incense or whatever. It’s a breather. And I love me some cardio, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy spending some Oms on this mat in one of the Hudson river parks. That’s my zen place in the city, and if you close your eyes and place your hands over your ears, you can almost block out all the traffic noise. Obsessed.

Jade Harmony Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mat – Professional (I like it in Olive Green), $59
  1. Thank you for such sweet words, Marian! You inspire me as well, and I am so grateful to call you my sister <3. I would be happy to do Yoga on the Hudson with you when I come visit!

    PS- I use a Jade Yoga mat, they're the best. Way to go, girl!

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