Today’s Obsession: lululemon

I’ve written before about how a good workout outfit has the power to motivate like none other. When I’m wearing something stylish and supportive and comfortable, I’m so much better prepared to go for a jog or make my way to Back Bay Yoga for a hip hop yoga session.

Laura introduced me to lululemon, and their products are genuinely amazing. The fabric is sturdy, yet breathable and the colors are bright and inspiring. Everything within the company is about motivation; it’s about making exercise accessible and fun, and about setting goals for a healthy and inspired lifestyle. Unfortunately, their “inspired lifestyle” comes at a steep price. Last time I checked, 80 dollar yoga pants weren’t really penciled into my monthly costs.

But on an impromptu visit to the store with Laura, I saw these pants, which are both supportive and stylish, what with the ever-so-subtle peacock print. I can’t help but think about them on an extremely regular basis. They’re just so freaking pretty, a total ten.

It’s funny… the things that matter and that I want enough, I don’t worry about. I have this deep-seated comfort in knowing that I will eventually buy them. I want it for myself and they are quality purchases (I mean, lululemon clothes last 5 years). So it seems only natural that I do. And these pants will be mine, maybe not now, but in the near future. I’ve actually calculated that I can probably afford to buy one lulu article per month and slowly build up my lululemon attire. I just can’t help it, I’m obsessed.

lululemon Wonder Under Crop, $68

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