Today’s Thoughts on 10

So I’ve been thinking a little more about this 10 concept (I get a little caught up in things sometimes and they tend to rule my life)…

I realized—gasp!—that I really shouldn’t be shopping online. Unless, of course, I’m willing to pay return fees for anything that comes and isn’t a 10. This sounds like it’s no a big deal, but SO much of my shopping is done online. It’s what I do to waste my time (well, that and blog). Shopping online boosts my creative juices.

Actually, sometimes after being online, I’ll get this idea of exactly what I want. Once that happens, nothing really comes close to being a 10. For example, despite today’s beautiful weather, I’m set on finding an envelope collar winter white wool coat. And I’ve found some amazing white coats, like this one on etsy and this one from Alloy, but they’re not perfect, even if they’re cheap.

Actually, in retrospect, I really like the one from Alloy.

This is hard.


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