Today’s Obsession: Scrabble Pillows

Hello, my pretties, and Happy Scrabble Day! I was browsing etsy and the Internet, because I know there’s tons of cute Scrabble jewelry out there, but then I wondered how often I would actually wear it.I grew up playing Scrabble with my mom, who’s a beast. She has a vocabulary that would put anyone to shame. Plus, she has the Scrabble dictionary, which is just unfair.

Instead, I found these hilariously awesome (and oh-so-deliciously shabby chic) Scrabble pillows. The seller makes each pillow individually and you can get a set that spells out anything you like! Adorable, me thinks. I was thinking about where they’d look best, and I have to say that’d probably be back home in San Diego. I have a special outdoor couch that can always use more pillows (you can never have too many) and would look great with some kitchy Scrabble fun.

What if the pillows spelled out “WOOF?” Not only is it appropriate for me and my family, but the letters happen to score a perfect 10. Irony? I think not. Obsessed.

4 Letter Pillows Inserts Included spelling out “WOOF” on etsy, $98

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