Today’s Obsession: Ariat

I mentioned yesterday how much I loved my cowboy boots. They were on the list of htings I had paid a bit more for, but loved exponentially more because of it. Unfortunately, however, I love my boots so much that I wear them to bits. And introducing them to Boston winters wasn’t the nicest thing I’ve done. They’ve been weathered and worn and need some major TLC from a cobbler. Or a replacement.

Buying boots is like buying a prom dress. During high school, I would start looking at dresses in December. And by the time buying time came around, I knew exactly what I wanted. I had seen all the styles and fished through designers’ catalogs and had my choices narrowed down.

For boots, there’s only one place I really feel comfortable buying, and that’s the Boot Barn in San Diego. When I bought my first pair, they gave me an employee’s discount. It was awesomeeee. Plus, while I’m happy to shop around online, the in-store try-on is incredibly fantastic. It’s important to ensure that one’s beloved boots fit correctly, hit in the right part of the shin and are badass enough.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been browsing online. With my first pair, I bought one with both brown and black so that I could wear it with anything. But I’m thinking it’s about time I invest in multiple pairs. These caught my eye because they’re vintage looking and a summer-y brown, but they’re almost too conventional (If cowboy boots in New York can be conventional). Practicality be damned, I could definitely do with a pair in black or a super crazy colored pair (like these!). You can never have too many shoes. Obsessed.

Ariat Women’s Heritage Western Boots in Red, $140

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