The Stars at Night / Are Big and Bright

Yesterday, I had the day off…

I woke up cuddling with one of my closest girlfriends and we made our way down to breakfast, then impulsively bought hair dye and dyed my hair in her apartment (I think I’m finally back to my natural brunette). We hung out at the boys’ house and then I left for dinner in Cambridge.

After burgers at Bartley’s (yay for a summer Bucket List accomplishment), I strolled around Harvard and Central squares and eventually made my way back to the boys’ house, where I ended the night with a few beers, potato chips and lots of laughs.

Between bouts of “bro-ing out,” my girlfriend and I stole away up to the roof. We lay out and looked at the sky and talked about relationships and honesty and the beauty of Boston. Cheesy at it sounds, there–surrounded by my family and friends and a warm summer breeze–I felt so incandescently happy.

It happened again this morning, as I was walking through my campus and realizing for the hundredth time just how stunningly beautiful this place is. I love this city, this time of my life. And I thank whatever powers that be daily that I made the decision to come here. I am happy, giddy even. I am in love with the people and the city and they, in turn, love me. I have a home here. For the first time in my life, I have furniture in my name. I have everything.

The world changes so quickly and I’m clinging to every moment. Lord only knows what will change in the coming months, as I return to classes and more and more friends graduate. But for now? I’m loving to live and living to love. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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