Random Thought to Ponder: Laughter

Did you know babies laugh on average 300 times a day compared to adults, who average 15?

Now that’s a depressing statistic… ever laughed for no reason? Just because laughing feels WONDERFUL??

Try it.

Notice the little things and laugh because laughter is life’s medicine. Laugh because it trumps everything else. Laugh because it’s life’s anti-drug.

Laugh with friends, laugh at books, watch some comedy. Laugh at yourself, laugh at friends, laugh at life’s little twists.

Laugh because it burns 1.3 calories per minute, Laugh because life is so thrilling at times, and laugh because it strengthens your diaphragm.

Laughter turns life’s depressions into comedies. And it grants us a sweet taste of perspective.

Laugh. It’s contagious.

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