A full-of-food weekend

Enjoying the beautiful weather and heirloom tomatoes at
Friday’s farmers market at Copley Square.

I confess I didn’t have time to make my recipes this weekend. I was too busy galavanting around town. I legitimately went to three organic-themed markets in the last three days.

Friday, I was out and about running errands and stopped by the Copley Square farmers’ market to pick up some tomatoes and salad greens. The selection of heirloom tomatoes was absolutely stunning (so I took a photo on my friend’s phone), as were the peaches. I can never get enough of the color at farmers’ markets. I did run into some problems, though. When I went to purchase my produce, the woman asked condescendingly if I needed a bag (I did). Note to self: always carry around recyclable bags.
Yesterday, I stumbled through the financial district on the lookout for the 2nd Annual Boston Local Food Festival. After mistaking an anti-corporation rally for the festival, I finally managed to find it. There was a wide selection of booths: local dairy farms (where I asked lots of questions about the treatment of animals), chocolate manufacturers, fair-trade coffee, community programs, and food–lots and lots of food. More than anything, the Boston Local Food Festival gave me the opportunity to network a little and meet people in the Boston “green scene.” I introduced myself as a journalist writing about organic food in Boston, and people were more than happy to share their experiences with me. I talked with the farmers who actually grow my food and raise the cattle whose milk I use. And though I learned a lot and collected business cards, I didn’t get any formal interviews. Note to self: always carry a pen.
And then today, I was running around Cambridge and saw their Oktoberfest celebrations (which included a farmers’ market). It was uncomfortably packed, but I was excited that so many people were together celebrating beer and food and music. In all, an incredible weekend. Nothing cheers me up like good food.

Check out some pictures from the weekend after the break.

So much food!
The peaches at the Copley market had me craving organic cobbler.
The Boston Local Food Festival was a “no waste” affair.
Everything was recycled or composted, so they covered up all the trash cans.
There were more people at the festival than I expected.
A local pizza chef beheaded a full chicken and walked
the audience through his favorite fried chicken recipe.

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