Today’s Obsession: Crazy Rainboots

I walked to work today, which is an experience that I typically enjoy; it’s so much more refreshing than jamming my butt into some stranger in a stuffy subway car. I say that I typically enjoy it because today it was raining. I have no more swipes on my subway card and legitimately have no money to refill it (yay for the last week of the month), so I really had no choice but to walk.

Despite that fact that I’m sufficiently drenched now, I did enjoy all the people watching on the 20-something block walk up to work.

Coming from a state that frequently lights up in flames, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the rain. It’s cleansing, literally and figuratively, and an indication of the fact that SPRING IS COMING 🙂 Plus, I happen to love rainboots. Rainboots are the one article of clothing for which rules don’t apply. They don’t have to be subdued, they don’t have to match… they can be as simple or as wildly un-PC as necessary.

Today’s obsession are these wacky boots. They appeal to the journalist in me, are wildly colorful, and would look good with just about anything. All I have to do is pair them with one of those bubble umbrellas that Target sells for cheap and I’ll be looking rainy-day chic. The site also sells waterproof pumps (painful?) and rubber Sperry lookalikes. A special shout-out also goes to this pair, which is super stylin, but almost too subdued. Obsessed.

Nomad Puddles News Rain Boots, $39

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