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Soooo every New Years, instead of make some lame resolution that I’ll forget before Presidents’ Day, I write down (or type out) a Bucket List of various things I hope to achieve that year. Some I’ve never done and some I just want to do more. All need to be reasonably attainable and there’s a little lee-way (sp?) to add or eliminate some throughout the course of the year. Anyway, since today marks the halfway point for the year, I thought putting my list here and updating what I still need to do would make for a quick and easy first post.

  1. Get my license. [FINALLY got permit in June]
  2. Go to Europe.
  3. Kiss (another) European.
  4. Go surfing.
  5. Learn to juggle (better).
  6. Work out 4x a week.
  7. Make something and wear it.
  8. Play tennis.
  9. Buy a pair of leather boots.
  10. Go to the Boston MFA.
  11. Get butterflies.
  12. Tour MIT and Harvard.
  13. Go to New York (again).
  14. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
  15. Start a blog.
  16. Go to a show in Boston.
  17. Go to a BRUINS game J
  18. See a game at Fenway Park.
  19. Be a tourist and take a Duck Tour.
  20. Have dessert at the Top of the Hub.
  21. Visit Lauren at school.
  22. Write another song.
  23. Learn to play (some) piano.
  24. Go to a zoo.
  25. Go to Providence and see WaterFire again. [WaterFire was discontinued]
  26. Go to the Gay Pride Festival in Hillcrest.
  27. Go skiing.
  28. Tango on the Cambridge bridge on the full moon.
  29. Run a 5K.
  30. Wear fake eyelashes.
  31. Temporarily dye my hair. [I did something else that was drastic.]
  32. Wear high heels to class.
  33. Hike with Alli. [no longer specific to just Alli]
  34. Go to an 18+ club (finally).
  35. Eat gelato. [YUMMM]
  36. Order a meal in a foreign language without knowing what in the world the waiter is bringing.
  37. Cook a meal for friends.
  38. Give a flower to a stranger.
  39. Go biking. [through the Holland countryside :)]
  40. Buy red shoes (preferably heels).
  41. Ride a motorcycle. [for 3 days through Tuscany]
  42. Go on a roller coaster.
  43. Wake up early for a Boston Harbor sunrise. [well worth it, though I suggest just not going to bed]
  44. Donate blood. [tried]
  45. Build a snowman.
  46. Slow dance.
  47. Find my passion.
  48. Get my palm read.
  49. Skinny dip. [changed to “… in the ocean”]
  50. Go sledding.
  51. Eat escargot.
  52. See an outdoor movie.
  53. Go to bed before 8pm.
  54. Send random postcards to all my friends.
  55. Be a kid for a day.
  56. Be spontaneous.
  57. Spend a Saturday doing volunteer work.
  58. Send a message in a bottle.
  59. Write a poem or note and leave it in a library book.
  60. Waitress.
  61. Go to a concert.
  62. Have a picnic.
  63. Meditate.
  64. Go to a state I haven’t been to.
  65. Break a law (or two).
  66. Paint a canvas.
  67. Sing a solo in public.
  68. Go to Disneyland.
  69. Grow out my hair.
  70. Smile “in my liver.”
  71. Convince my mom to write a book.
  72. Walk barefoot in snow.
  73. Swim in the Atlantic.
  74. Introduce someone to Mike’s Pastry.
  75. Join a club.
  76. Stand up for something I believe in.
  77. Compliment a stranger.
  78. Go Christmas caroling.

Looking pretty good for only half way through the year, eh? Let me know if you want to help me with one of the remaining options OR if you have ideas for next years 🙂

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