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Ventfest: Bathroom Talk…

Other people have shower thoughts. I have bathroom thoughts… I’ll explain. The other day, I walked into my work bathroom, and had a very difficult decision: regular stall or handicapped stall. Now I know there’s some sort of twisted guy science to picking a urinal, and I think that there’s...

by Marian
June 25, 2014

Ventfest: My last Northeastern shuffle

Shortly after attending AB’s graduation last May, when he graduated magna cum laude—you go, babe—I was informed that my graduation year would have different cum laude requirements. Namely, the cum laude minimum would jump from 3.25 to 3.5. No public press release, no explanation, nada. When I reached out to...

by Marian
March 26, 2014

Why the Semicolon is Sexy

I realize that for some people, punctation is just a fact of reading and writing, a necessary way to break up thoughts and words. But ooh how they miss the point(s and swooshes). Punctuation is the intent of the writer, it takes the words and turns them into a voice. Punctuation...

by Marian
April 25, 2012

Ventfest: Monkey Suits and Momma’s Shoes

The other day, I watched my friend head to his job at a major Boston financial firm, wearing a suit and bowtie (It was “Bowtie Monday,” obviously). As he walked away in his monkey suit, I couldn’t help but think he looked a little like a kid in his dad’s...

by Marian
March 20, 2012

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