Meanwhile, in San Diego…

I’ve been playing around with my computer for the last five hours. I got home to San Diego late last night and it’s everything I can do to distract and busy myself. I don’t do well with leaving.

But I really am making an effort to busy myself while I’m here. There’s an ongoing list… write (in my journal), write (stories that pay me), write (on my blog), revamp my online presence (like the new design?), train for the half marathon (I signed up for one next month), read (okay, no more parentheses), sleep, learn French, and photograph. With the photographs, I’m trying to figure out a way to display them on the site, so I’ve been playing with some programs like Polyvore and Picasa. I really like that Picasa makes collages really simple. And to practice, I made one for my amazing Kappa little, Laura.

I’m hoping to make a regular photography segment on the blog called “Through the Looking Glass,” and featuring a collage of photos I took that week. I think it would make for a great opportunity to share what I see, how I see it, when I’m away from home. More to come…

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