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I’ve officially been accepted into the Paris study abroad program at the American University of Paris next fall, and all I can think about is furniture. If that made no sense, it’s because it doesn’t make sense. I’ve recently gone through the process of signing onto my friend’s lease, and will be moving into her cozy little apartment upon returning from Paris. I’ve been feasting my eyes on the renovated DIY projects on mommy blogs and apartment therapy, and feel so inspired. I’ve already starting pinning ideas and compiling a mental list of all the things I hope to do to the new apartment.

In past apartments, I’ve either moved around too much, or I haven’t had the space to really make someplace feel like home. So with this next apartment, that’s what I’m searching for: home. I want to paint the walls a warm tan in the living room and kitchen, and a refreshing grey in the bedroom; I want to outfit the bedroom with white bedding and furnishings (including painting the unfinished windows and giving my 300 lb dresser a rustic makeover). I’ve lobbied for new floors and am planning on bleaching and resealing the grout in the kitchen and bathroom; I’ll move in my wonderful faux suede couches and fill the entire living area (which boasts one window in the kitchen) with lighting and pops of color—I’m thinking plants, flowers, replacing lightbulbs, and battery operated lights under cabinets.

I’m thrilled at the idea of sharing a kitchen and a bathroom with only one other person, even if there’s no dishwasher (yay, paper plates!). I’ve even been tossing around the idea of somehow DIYing the countertops. I’m renting, so my options are limited, but even a high-gloss white layer of paint would look better than what’s in there currently. I was also thinking of constructing a new countertop of wood that I could shellack or paint and literally just put right on top of the current kitchen island. Like a slipcover, but for a counter. Thoughts?

I’m getting ahead of myself… by about 10 months, to be exact. But it’s an exciting new venture. Check out some inspiration for my bedroom! I’d like to think that the grey can actually warm up so much white. I’ll need to stock up on bleach though.

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