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Ridin’ Solo: 5 Pros and Cons of Solo Travel

When I lived in Paris, one of the most important life lessons I came away with was a love and respect for solo travel. I learned that whom you’re with has just as strong an impact on your experience as where you go and what you see. To illustrate, let...

by Marian
April 27, 2014
media , travel

Slideshow: Reflections on Paris, one year later

This one’s another mom-inspired post (What can I say—she knows me so well?). But it also seemed like a good prompt/opportunity to reflect. One year ago, I was living in Paris, traveling every opportunity I could. Ever since I read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and learned about Santorini, I was a...

by Marian
October 18, 2013

Petite (and Cheap!) Paris Walking Tours

(c) Jorge Albarracin I love planning. And lately, I’ve needed motivation to get out of my apartment, so I’ve compiled some themed Paris walking tours. Though I’ve done most everything included, it never hurts to revisit Paris’ beautiful sites. And by sharing them, hopefully others can enjoy them as well!...

by Marian
October 1, 2012
fitness & health , travel

Mastering the Art of French Eating

A Parisienne patisserie, where sweets are taken seriously. I’m watching “Julie and Julia” and smiling through the entire movie. When I get back to Boston in January, and have access to a full kitchen and grocery delivery service, I want to invoke Sunday as my domestic day. Cleaning and cooking....

by Marian
September 7, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Francophiles

Paris street fashion. Source: estilovesyourstyle.com Almost finished with Orientation. Between mini seminars on safety and the science of dating in Paris, I’ve been watching people. I found this comical and chauvinist blog online that lists the “100 Red Flags,” traits in potential girlfriends that the boys should avoid. Red flag...

by Marian
September 5, 2012

Dorothy Does Dallas (en route to Paris)

I always travel in cowboy boots. They don’t pack well, are great for navigating TSA, and I secretly love the little clack-clack noise the make on the airport floor… My cowboy boots are currently sitting by my front door, next to a suitcase, a backpack, a (very full) purse, and...

by Marian
August 28, 2012

Before and…

I’ve officially been accepted into the Paris study abroad program at the American University of Paris next fall, and all I can think about is furniture. If that made no sense, it’s because it doesn’t make sense. I’ve recently gone through the process of signing onto my friend’s lease, and...

by Marian
February 7, 2012

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