2013 Bucket List

Annnnd piggy-backing on the last post… my 2013 Bucket List!

A primer for those who are new. My senior year of high school, I sat down with my friend over sparkling cider and we wrote 20-item long bucket lists for the year. Not life-long, someday-I-will-get-around-to-doing-all-this-ridiculous-shit lists, but an annual list of goals. Big goals, small goals, things I’d never done, things I’d done plenty and just wanted to ensure I did that year, as well. We fed off each other’s ideas and started the year looking forward to all the awesome stuff on our lists.

I loved the idea of goal setting instead of half-assed new year’s resolutions that were forgotten my the time February rolled around. So I kept up the tradition, and now it’s spread to others—my family and friends. By sharing the list with the world, I am held accountable. And at the end of the year, I fess up and share what I accomplished and what I didn’t. They vary in length and content (My 2012 list has links to past years at the bottom), but are all super awesome, if I do say so myself.

So, ladies and gents, without further ado, what I think is my final draft of my 2013 BUCKET LIST!!

  2. Finish my mystery project.
  3. Intern someplace new and exciting (and conclude this identity crisis).
  4. Revamp a pair of shoes.
  5. Learn to knit or crochet and finish a scarf (or other big project).
  6. Go to Berlin.
  7. Go to Istanbul.
  9. Attach a lock to a love bridge (even if my name is the only one on it).
  10. Buy myself a proper pen and learn calligraphy.
  11. Learn some beginner guitar.
  12. Go someplace wild for Spring Break.
  13. TURN 21!!
  14. Celebrate my birthday by doing (and chronicling) 21 random acts of kindness.
  15. Smoke hash with my dad in a hash house (NOTE: his recommendation for the list).
  16. Visit all the Emerald Necklace parks.
  17. Include a “word of the day” in my journal entries.
  18. Start a new story idea (methinks an anthology).
  19. Host a “Game of Thrones” dinner party.
  20. Throw a party for ’MURICA.
  21. Wear a corset in public.
  22. Get balayage highlights.
  23. Drink from a coconut.
  24. Compile a “family” cookbook.
  25. Host a “favorite things” party.
  26. Have a date with each new Kappa member.
  27. Ice skate on Frog Pond.
  28. Take a barista course.
  29. Go on a trip with my mama!
  30. Register with the DAR.
  31. Go to a BRUINS game.
  32. Have dessert at the Top of the Hub.
  33. Skydive (BAHH!).
  34. Meditate in the Buddha room at the MFA.
  35. Build a snowman (with weird props).
  36. Do something crazy.
  37. Buy something Kate Spade (again!).
  38. Plant an herb garden.
  39. Finish another journal (and buy a new one!).
  40. Run a theme 5K (color, zombie, mud).
  41. Be serenaded.
  42. Scrapbook my Europefest.
  43. Join a wine of the month club (and learn something!).
  44. Improve my half marathon time.
  45. Get some sort of certification (very open-ended).
  46. FINALLY volunteer at Hope Lodge.
  47. Participate in a new club.
  48. Play an intramural sport.
  49. Spend an entire day sin pantelones.
  50. Revamp my ugly-ass, heavy dresser.
  51. Drink mulled wine (omnomnomnom).
  52. Get laser hair removal.
  53. Road trip (with Lauren?).
  54. Learn to tie a tie on someone else.
  55. Go to a professor’s office hours.
  56. See an opera/musical.
  57. Get a Boston library card.
  58. Play hide and seek in the Prudential.
  59. Do a polar bear plunge.
  60. Go to a Turkish bath.
  61. Somehow reincorporate singing into my life (lessons, choir, karaoke).
  62. Ride a (mechanical) bull.
  63. Read at least a book a month. No excuses.
  64. Throw a pleasure party (LOL).
  65. Learn 10 phrases in Turkish.
  66. Buy a book on etiquette.
  67. Read two different books on religion.
  68. Learn to manage personal finances.
  69. Visit a castle.
  70. Get a henna tattoo.
  71. Skinny dip.
  72. See the Slutcracker.
  73. Buy myself a graduation present.
  74. Build a travel pin board.
  75. Go to Texas!
  76. Narrow down my allergy and/or go organic or vegetarian.
  77. Implement one day a week as my domestic day.
  78. Wear a tiara.
  79. DIY or purchase American flag shorts.
  80. Talk to my brothers more regularly.

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