Today’s Obsession: woof (duh)

In the spirit of all things woof-tastic, here’s one of the shirts I designed. Designing was more for fun and I don’t really anticipate buying anything until all our branding is finished and secure (any graphic designers out there?), but I like this baby because it works for the magazine and is totally something that my dad and his boys need to get for their next testosterone-ridden reunion.

Check out all the designs and stuff here, but I don’t really recommend buying anything yet. I know we’re all excited, folks, but it’s still not a done deal. Nonetheless, you can bet I’ll be scouring etsy for the next lifetime looking for things that are woof-related along with all my periodic search for Paris and Kappa goodies. Woof is my new obsession. Ahhhhh so stoked. I’m a total nerd. Whatever. OBSESSED (But for realsies).

Cafe Press woofMagazine Mens Baseball Jersey, $20

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