Today’s Obsession: Perfect 10 Ring

On my way home yesterday, I stopped by a shoe store because I felt inspired to look at some summer-y shoes. I found this pair of teal leather espadrilles that would have been perfect for the Bahamas, but the quality of the heel was, to put it kindly, utter crap. So as painful as it was (and it was), I left the store. But I made the right decision. I’m keeping this 10 streak going.

Part of the book I mentioned included a section on jewelry. For someone who identifies their style as “classic” (me—or at least that’s the goal), they advise to keep the jewelry simple. Typically, just a classic black leather watch and a pair of diamond studs. Now, I’ve done the black leather watch (I’ve had the same one since 8th grade) so I’m going shoot that one down. Instead, I’ll just keep to my beloved Michael Kors gem.

And while there’s no way in hell that I will be getting diamond studs anytime soon, I do like the idea of simplistic jewelry. This weekend, I went through and collected bags of clothes and jewelry (many stolen impulsively from work) to give to friends/donate. As cute as they were for one outfit, they take up too much room to justify keeping.

I’m leaning towards the simplicity. Blame my Buddhist-loving boyfriend and his simplistic style :). But with the right goods, simple doesn’t have to equate to being “plain.” I’m thinking my basics should include my pearls (duh), my soon-to-be-mine Michael Kors watch, my gold Aldo French hoops that I wear all the time, and a ring.

I’ve been scouring etsy for estate rings this morning. I want something simple, but still unique, and something quintessentially me. My girl Laura has this David Yurman ring that is to DIE for (and so very her). And my beloved J actually collects and wears different wedding bands; they’re all a little unique.

While I send a heartfelt shout-out to this key ring from Kappa, my version–or what I like today at least–is this gold and pearl ring. The price tag isn’t too ridiculous and I like that it matches my sorority pin (R.I.P. wherever you are). Pearls are actually my birthstone, so there’s an added bonus. Plus, the gold would tie into the MK watch, even if I wear the ring on my right hand.

I’m trying to eliminate outlandish pieces. No matter how fulfilling the original response, there are reasons why trends are “trends.” Gold and pearls are genuine classics and always have been. TSM, perhaps. But we can’t help it if we’re klassy. Obsessed.

The Pearls of Lord – engagement ring, $380

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