Today’s Obsession: Classic Porcelain

I have been vigorously researching info on the royal wedding today. And tea parties. And just this morning, I updated my twitter background to this romantic, shabby-chic lacy something-or-other.

The combined outcome of all this is that I am currently obsessed with lace. I don’t know how I would want to wear it or incorporate it, but I’ve been searching everything from “lace pillows” to “lace accessories” to “lace necklaces.” Surprisingly, there actually isn’t that much out there.

I’m so disappointed. I’ve been looking at tea doilies and wedding flowers all morning and now I can’t get my lace fix. No bueno.

Instead, today’s obsession is this white porcelain tea set. My sorority recently had a tea party and everyone got all dressed up in dresses and hats (so cute!). And I’ve written before about how vintage-y tea and tea sets are.

On my little retro-glam kick right now, this seems to work well. I drink tea pretty much every day, so why not do it in (affordable) style? Here’s to us, even if we’re not marrying princes. We lovely ladies can toast whatever we want. As I like to remind myself, I don’t need a reason to celebrate. Obsessed.

Porcelain Tea Set – Diana, $40

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