Today’s Obsession: Pan Am

Remember that super-epic 2002 movie “Catch Me If You Can,” complete with 60’s hairdos, sexy airplane pilots, and a handsome post-Titanic Leo DiCaprio? Well the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. was converted into a musical and premiered in Seattle in 2009.

A week from today, the show hits Broadway. Check out all the in-depth details (because I confess I don’t know them) at this article.

Somewhat on topic, today’s obsession are these bags from Pan Am. No, Pan Am Air doesn’t exist anymore, but they still sell all their super retro-esque goodies for the old-fashioned freaks like me who walk around wearing a logo older than my parents. I got my first Pan Am bag for my 16th birthday and still have the thing. It’s a little beat up now, but that only makes it look more authentic.

Marc Jacobs co-sponsored a couple re-releases of classic bags, but many can be found online at They have classic designs, newer designer-looking (and less authentic. Not a fan) designs and other travel accessories like passport covers and clothes. I especially like their Mile High watch. Obsessed.

 Pan Am ORIGINALS-Innovator Bag, $75


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