The Year in Review

2011 started with my moving to Manhattan to work at Marie Claire.

As 2012 approaches, I reflect on the past 12 months. Sometimes, last Christmas seems likes a lifetime ago, and other times, I feel like so little time has passed. But it’s been a full year when I think about everything that has happened.

I moved to New York and worked for six months at Marie Claire. I explored the city and spent a week in the Bahamas. I moved back to Boston and lived off campus (my first big girl apartment!). I worked at LOFT and am in a great relationship. I also dyed my hair about a dozen different colors.

But then we had three deaths in the family, and a could friends as well. Only one was from old age. We’ve faced financial stress and law suits, and the general crappy-ness of some people. It’s been a challenging year, but we’ll grow from it all, as well.

Click for more to see what I crossed off from my 2011 Bucket List.

1. Move to New York.
2. Do something crazy.
3. Visit the South.
4. Dance on a table.
5. Host a dinner party.

6. Write a letter to a political figure.
7. Raise $500 for a charity.
8. Sing karaoke.

9. Send poetry in to get published.
10. Find the best coffee house in the city.
11. See a show.

12. Try speed dating.
13. Learn to photograph.
14. Buy myself a Michael Kors watch.

15. Spend a weekend in D.C.
16. Take a roadtrip.
17. Find an excuse to wear a tiara.
18. Read 5 books on my list.
19. Design an outfit.
20. Make business cards.

21. Volunteer a week in Costa Rica.
22. See Austin.
23. Have a shower beer.
24. Perfect my dougie.
25. Have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity III.
26. Go to a concert.
27. Skinny dip.
28. Spend a Sunday volunteering with The Breakfast Club.
29. Picnic in Central Park.
30. Toast our Hillside apartment with champagne.

31. Skateboard to class.
32. Get a Boston Athenaeum membership.
33. Go to a BRUINS game.
34. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
35. Slow dance.
36. Visit every Manhattan bridge.
37. Learn something new.

38. Have lunch on the Staten Island Ferry.
39. Wear fake eyelashes.
40. Waitress.
41. Have three differently themed dinner parties.
42. Buy myself some letters.
43. Visit Canada.
44. Get better at French.
45. Send Amanda a care package.
46. Take a dance class.
47. Spend a day on the beach.
48. Watch all the epic movies that I never did.
49. Plant an herb garden.
50. Write my number on a bathroom stall.

51. Help make Thanksgiving dinner.
52. Send in a Postsecret.
53. Write a note and leave it in a book.
54. Learn to master a stick shift.
55. Do a cartwheel.
56. Kiss someone under the mistletoe.
57. Pay for the person behind me in a drive thru.
58. Sneak someone into the Webster.
59. Get a massage.
60. Bartend.

61. Create a poster memorializing random quotes.
62. Take a CPR course.
63. Take a ride in a town car.
64. Make something for the apartment.
65. Start a journal (again).
66. Create a drink.
67. Give someone a piggy back ride.
68. Shake hands with the Editor in Chief.
69. Take myself on a date.
70. Talk someone into going to school.

71. Buy myself a dress without a reason to wear it.
72. Find a place to wear said dress.
73. Dress like Jackie O.
74. Play an intramural sport.
75. Try a new Ben N Jerrys flavor.
76. Blog once per week.

77. Get to know someone in every Greek organization.
78. Force a guy to come over and put up shelves (ha).
79. Start a tradition.
80. Read every night M-Th.

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