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I am currently sitting in my cubicle on the 34th floor of the Hearst Tower…strange to think that a year ago, things were so much different.

A year ago, my hair was a different color (and lacking bangs). A year ago, I was schlepping down to Providence twice a month to pursue a nonrelationship. Okay, so maybe I’m still single; that much hasn’t changed. A year ago, I lived in a different city and had free time (what’s that?). So much has happened this past year… Kappa, Europe, moving, Marie Claire, making a home and a family for myself and then leaving it all. I pressed a pseudo-celebrity’s buttons and (finally!) managed to get a license. I was an editor for my school paper and came up with some wacky project ideas to fill this year, too.

And somehow in the mix, I managed to land myself at this dusty little cubicle at the southern tip of Central Park. It’s hard to go into what all Marie Claire means to me. I mean, this is something I’ve wanted and worked toward for as long as I’ve been reading magazines. And now I’m here. And it’s nervracking and incredible and exciting and crazy. And I’m a little anxious and a lot confused. But I’m here… now what?


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Hi, I'm Marian.
By day, I'm a PR maven with a nerdy affinity for research and branding. By night, I'm an explorer; I delve into books, food, design, and the murky waters of my own psyche, then share my musings here.





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