Today’s Obsession: Tea

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I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been (a) ridiculously busy, and (b) sick with the Bubonic Plague. But I want to pause for a moment and talk about today’s obsession (been a while since I did that).

I freaking love tea. I love it hot, I love it cold, sweetened or unsweetened. It’s like the most incredible beverage ever… maybe even better than my dad’s home made foamaliscious lattes… Maybe.

I’ve long had an obsession with green tea. I like how it makes me feel refreshed and clean and healthy. And in the summer, I can rarely resist the temptation of a venti iced green tea lemonade.

But recently I’ve also started drinking Earl Grey in lieu of coffee. While I have my green tea plain, I spruce up my Earl Grey a touch: honey, milk, and maybe a touch of cinnamon for a little added spice.

Regardless, I just love love love tea, and the way it warms my heart and soul and sends my brain into a caffeine-induced frenzy. I love the sound that my tea kettle makes when it’s screaming for me from the stove. And there’s just something subtly romantic about a simple cup of tea. It’s one of those indulgent simple little pleasure that I just can’t get over.

Scones aren’t bad either. Obsessed.

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