Things I Love: Retro… everything?

I’ve named my computer (Lloyd, if you were wondering…), I have a blackberry, a digital camera, the works. But having a billion technologies doesn’t necessarily simplify my life. For one, I’m about as techno-savvy as my Alzheimer’s-ridden grandmother. I drop things, I leave things behind in foreign countries, even the vacuum doesn’t work properly in my presence. I just have an aura of anti-tech, I guess.

And while I could write a blurb about how much I love technology, it’s done something to our culture. And I’m hypocritical to bash technology in an internet forum, but today (and every day) I love “retro” things more and more.

Retro things are classy, conservative but attractive. They’re Audrey Hepburn in wide brim hats, they’re hat pins and horse races and cigarette holders (even thought I don’t smoke). Retro is Grace Kelly and her long skirts. It’s mary jane pumps and fur collars, pearl necklaces and bold lipstick.

A random mashup of retro things that inspire me:

Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly

Swing jacket Skirtsuits

Red lipstick

Polaroid photographs


Mary Janes

White gloves

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