The Sky is Falling: Judg(e)ment Day

There are all these people in the subways and streets of New York prophesying about the end of the world and the second coming of Christ and yada yada yada. In case you haven’t heard, the world ends May 21, 2011.

Of course, as my journalism professor points out, you’d think that someone smart enough to know about the coming Rapture would know not to spell judgment with an extra e. But hey, just in case, right?

On May 22, I’m going to party it up and celebrate. But just in case, here’s my list of things I’m doing before then. Let’s think of it as a short term Bucket List:

  1. Going to the Bahamas.
  2. Going on that lemonade diet.
  3. Doing a week (or more!) of yoga.
  4. Reading more.
  5. Saying goodbye to Tash.
  6. Eating chocolate.
  7. Going to Brooklyn.
  8. Eating a goodburger (noms).
  9. Treating myself to either: website domain, MK watch, Zara shoes or bikini wax (don’t be hatin’).
  10. Blogging all dayyy.

Random fun fact? This was totally taken on 34th and 7th. That makes me feel like a New Yorker that I know that 🙂

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