The Search for the Perfect 10

In the same book I referenced yesterday, the authors argue that no one should own anything less than a 10. It doesn’t matter which great aunt bought you your perfume; if it’s not a 10, you won’t wear it. So ditch it.

On the way home yesterday, I did a little strolling in and out of stores looking for something celebratory (again, I don’t need a reason to celebrate). But I went home empty-handed. I couldn’t get the 10 concept out of my head.

Imagine what your closet would look like if every clothing item you owned was a 10. It might not be so jam-packed, but the items in there would be quality. They would fit correctly and be timeless. They would go together effortlessly. It’s certainly inspiring and I spent my downtime yesterday looking at various “10” items, many in the triple digits.

But then I got thinking even more (I tend to think a lot). What if I never settled for anything less than a 10? What if I surrounded myself with nothing but the best of the best… Quality friends, boyfriends, primo wine, the best food and flavors, quality furniture.

What if I always gave a 10 on top of that? 100 percent into school and my extracurriculars. Going to the gym, taking a yoga class, painting and sketching again. It’s certainly a challenge, and exhausting. But how rewarding.

I mean, really… Why do we ever bother to settle in the first place? Why do I convince myself that the shoes will feel more comfortable after I “wear them in.” Why do I let myself be battered in a less-than-10 relationship?

Surrounding myself with 10s would be exhausting. It would be expensive. And it would be disheartening when it seems that I can’t find the perfect 10. But how rewarding, too. I’m a fan of quality over quantity, even if I am not a practicing member of the club. But maybe now is the time.

No more settling. Nothing but 10s.

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