Poem: To the Woman on the Subway…

I was sitting on my own
with half an empty seat beside me.
And he walked on with his guitar
and started to berate me.

“Why you smiling, little girl,”
(I’d politely smiled and moved right)
But then his hateful words continued
as a drunk man picked a pointless fight

With a white girl minding all my own.
I discreetly looked the other way
Trying to avoid eye contact
But hearing all he had to say.

“White man raped the black women,”
he said between cap-fulls of booze,
and told me how my parents failed me
and how my god will always lose.

He spat about the “homosexuals,”
like they were a different breed.
But the hypocrisy was lost on him
And so he did proceed.

All this while, I couldn’t help
But laugh and smile and smirk.
Sticks and stones, my sorry friend.
you’re just some drunken jerk.

And while my eyes danced about,
I caught her gaze across the train,
And we shared a private moment then
Before he started in again.

She watched me for a while
And I just kept very still,
I think it pissed him off that I
wouldn’t let him have his fill.

She pulled herself up to her feet
And the car came to a halt.
But before she left to rejoin her life,
she intervened in my assault.

“Are you okay,” she mouthed,
So I smiled and gave her a nod.
She smiled back and took her leave,
And he got off at the next stop.

So to the woman in my car
who stopped to share a smile:
Thanks for noting my struggle
And making it all less hostile.

Funny how an alliance grows:
Once a stranger, now a friend.
The world would be so beautiful
if people followed your simple trend.

Thank you for the smile
And for making sure that I was fine.
I didn’t catch your name,
but I won’t forget how you were kind.

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