And the Winner Is…

I mentioned before that I was on the search for my January co-op. As I said before, I applied to numerous positions and have since followed-through and heard back from many, as well. I haven’t yet been declined by any companies, but did opt not to interview with some that I thought I might not fit well with. During this co-op round, I opted to only pursue companies that I thought I would genuinely enjoy working at. After some disenchanted experiences at my last co-op, I wanted to make this one a 100% positive experience. I am confident that every single one of the following would have been that for me.

But now for the exciting news…I received offers from (in alphabetical order):

  • The Boston Globe
  • Farm Aid
  • Jill’s List
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune

And the winner is… (drumroll, please)…

I so look forward to working at The Boston Globe this January. I passed up an opportunity with them last year and was lucky enough to be offered another opportunity in the Living/Arts section, which covers entertainment, arts and food. It also means I’ll be living in Boston and be paid (no more losing 10 pounds over co-op!).
I ultimately chose the position because of several reasons. First off, it’s paid, which is important if I end up going to Paris in the fall. Secondly, it supports my journalistic goals and I will have the opportunity to interact and work with some incredibly talented individuals, including one of the best interviewers I’ve met and two Pulitzer Prize recipients. The location was also important because staying in Boston means that I’m surrounded by my friends and sisters, though I was willing to travel to San Diego, as well.
So excited to work with them, so excited to stay in my gorgeous apartment, so excited to start anew. So excited to WRITE!! Co-op is altogether freaking amazing. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait.

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