Ventfest: My Future (and the Lack Thereof)

Image from Blogging Belmont

There’s been a lot of turnover at The Globe. Mostly, it’s people leaving for other papers or publications, usually for the benefit of their families (more money, less time commitment). But people leave for months at a time on book leave as well. There’s something incredibly disorienting about it, and not necessarily because people are leaving, but because they’re not being replaced. The Globe has gone trough hard times in the past, cutting back on labor and laying off hundreds (thousands?) of people. They rely more on freelance work than ever (cheaper because they don’t have to pay medical benefits) and are replacing local voices with wire stories.

To say it’s a difficult time for the journalism industry is the understatement of the decade. Journalism as we know it is dying. And I used to take that to mean just that journalism is changing, morphing with the incorporation of social media and tablets and apps and blogs (Oh, heyyy). But the last couple days–heck weeks–have been disheartening. And honestly, I’m a little bit scared for my future and well being. I’ve already survived on peanut butter and honey before, and I would prefer not to do it again.

They other day, a colleague approached my coworker-slash-friend and asked her if she was still thinking about going into journalism (presumably after having seen the turmoil in the office). “Get out now while you can,” he said. Continue reading